Available Services

Bin Assortments

Whether you're looking for an inventory storage solution, or need to set up your shop, we can assist you. We offer pre-designed assortments, or we can customize an assortment to fit your requirements. Call our service team today to discuss your needs.

Special Orders

Rainbow Bolt & Supply, Inc. has long been the go-to supplier for non-standard items. We offer fasteners in both Inch and Metric sizes. With our comprehensive inventory, many times customers find we have that hard to find item in stock! If it is not in our stock, we can special order it for you.

Customer Pick-up

Many customers find it convenient to pick up their orders at our location. We encourage you to call and place your order, or email to


in advance so we can have it ready.


We offer same day UPS shipping of in-stock items for orders placed before 1:00 pm PST. We are located in Riverside, Ca. and can also deliver your orders(terms and conditions apply). Call our service team to find out more.

Outside Sales Reps

Outside sales reps are available to visit your location(So. CA only) to assist you in stocking those critical parts for your operation. Our reps can also schedule regular visits to supply your inventory requirements.

Credit Accounts

For your convenience, we offer 30-day open accounts(O.A.C., terms and conditions apply). Request a credit application via email using the "contact us" tab.