Hex Style Nuts (Non-Locking)   

Hex Nuts

  • Plain and Plated
  • Course and Fine 
  • Also Stocked in Lefthand Thread

Grade 5 Hex Nuts

  • Available in Couse and Fine


Grade 8 Hex Nuts

  • Available in Course and Fine

Metric Hex Nuts


Stainless Steel Hex Nuts


Galvanized Hex Nuts

 Brass Hex Nuts


Jam Hex Nuts

  • Plain and Plated


Heavy Hex Nuts

  • Plain and Plated
  • Course Thread  

2H Heavy Hex Nuts

  • Grade 2H  

Slotted  Hex Nuts

  • Plain and Plated 

Castle Hex Nuts

  • Fine Thread  

Coupling Nuts 

  • Plated
  • Reducing Coupling Nuts also available

Left Hand Hex Nuts


Acme Hex Nuts

  • Heavy Pattern  

Coil Fit-Up Hex Nuts


8-Pitch Hex Nuts


Flange Nuts

  • With or Without Serrations
  • Also available in Grade 8 

Wing Nuts

  • Stamped and Forged

Acorn (Cap) Nuts 



  • Straight Barrel
  • 3-Prong and 4 Prong available  



Square Nuts

  • Plain and Plated
  • Course Only  

Weld Nuts

Locking Nuts   

Nylon-Locking Nuts

  • Plated
  • Course and Fine  

Grade 8 Nylon Lock Nuts

  • Plain and Plated
  • Course and Fine  

Stover Nuts 

  • Plated
  • Course and Fine  

Kep Nuts (K-Lock)


Flexlock Lock Nuts


2-Way Lock Nuts


PAL Nuts

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